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Welcome to the Museum for All Senses, where you can experience the history of the town of Blatná and its surroundings with all your senses. You will be literally able to touch history, to open secret boxes and to discover the treasures hidden in the Municipal Museum of Blatná. With this experience, you will leave the gates of the museum with a new view of the town and its surroundings, where you will find many places and monuments described in the exhibition. Don’t be afraid to open drawers, wickets and hatches or hidden doors marked with a pictogram to uncover the veil of Blatná history.

At each stop of the exhibition you will find a pink symbol with headphones and a number which will guide you to the relevant recording. If you are not sure whether you are standing at the right place, check the screen, where you can see photos of the exhibition stops and the individual artefacts which are related to the uploaded commentaries. You can skip or interrupt individual stops at any time. Please use headphones, which we will be happy to lend you at the reception, so as not to disturb others. If you don’t know how to control the application, feel free to ask us and we will be happy to help you.

For better orientation, you will be guided through the entire exhibition by timelines so that you don’t get lost in time on your journey to the past. For each timeline there are orientation tables with pictograms that can give you a clue about the contents of a drawer before opening it. Don’t be afraid to skip some.

If you want to win the treasure of the Blatná region in the form of a commemorative coin, you can try to complete the Quiz. Answers are spread throughout the exhibition. If you fail to pass the entire Quiz on your first try, you will be given a second chance. For a correctly completed Quiz you will receive a unique code which you must enter in the safe. The safe will then release one commemorative coin.

To improve the services provided by the museum, we have prepared a short questionnaire in the section ‘How Did You Like It?’. Completing it takes only a few minutes and will help us push the limits of our museum even further.

Thank you for your visit and we hope you will enjoy your time at the Museum for All Senses.

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